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Tax season is here and we are ready to prepare your income tax return!
  • We take walk-ins, no appointment is necessary!
  • We offer direct deposit of your Tax return.
  • We are an authorized E-File provider.
  • If you can't pay up front for the tax preparation, we can deduct the fee from your tax return for an additional cost.
  • We can help you obtain an ITIN number for yourself and/or your dependents.
  • We can prepare taxes from previous years all year round.
What the IRS most frequently investigates?
  • When more than one person files head of household or married at the same address.
  • When married couples prepare their tax returns separately just to receive a bigger refund, especially when a single man reports a newborn.
  • Support for your dependents is not very clear. Be prepared to prove that they live with you and/or you support them financially. Save all receipts and any other proof.
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