"A true expert in buying and selling houses and I would use [them] again." | "Verdaderos expertos en compra y venta de casas y volveremos a contratar sus servicios."

"Me insiraron confianza . . . no pudiera describir toda las cosas positivas acerca de ellos." | "They inspired confidence in me . . . and I can't describe all the positive things about them. "

"[They] treated us like [their] own family." | "Nos trataron como en familia."

"They are honest and they treat you [like] family." | "Son honestos y te tratan como familia."

"Son un equipo fantàstico." | "They are a fantastic team."

"They were determined to find us a house we love" | "Estuvieron determinados en encontrarnos una casa que nos gustara"

"They put all their effort into helping us" | "Pusieron todo su esfuerzo para ayudarnos"

"Very professional group of people . . . would use them again." | "un grupo muy profesional . . . usarìamos nuevamente sus servicios."

"Always got our questions answered." | "Siempre contestaron nuestras preguntas."

"Best of the Best." - "...wish we had another house to sell just to keep using [them]." | "Mejor de lo mejor." - " ...desearìamos tener otra casa solo para seguir tratàndolos."

"I liked their service and the final result was better than expected." | "Me gusto su servicio y el resultado final fue mejor de lo que esperaba."